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Nana C.

My boyfriend took me to Sausalito this past weekend =) We saw this cute little candy store located right across the bay…and decided to take a look.

I’m not big on salt water taffy, but DAMN! They were amazingly delicious!

Caramel apple
Green apple
Chocolate chip – it was my fave 🙂

There were lots more flavors to choose from. Try them all! $3.79 for half a pound (cash only).

We also bought peanut brittle and sour warheads =)

We spent about $6.00 in total. Not bad. The candy lasted us all day.

Nicole A.

Great little candy shop along the Sausalito water front. I can never stop myself from going in to fill a basket of salt water taffy. Cash Only!

Mo M.

Fun candy shop with so many taffy options! Mmm and boy is it delicious!!

We might’ve overloaded on candy because of this store! Definitely don’t step into this store when you’re hungry because you’ll want to buy it all. I loved this little candy store and the store guy was super sweet and helpful too.

Christine H.

This is a great little candy shop in downtown Sausalito with an outstanding selection of taffy. They probably had upwards of 20 flavors to choose from and some unique selections such as maple bacon. The taffy was soft and chewy and left my dental work in tact which can be a challenge sometimes in finding good taffy.
I thought their prices were great and we also had a good time browsing some of their unique candy selections as well.

Itsuki Asanuma

Candy is done!

C.H. Chuang

There are many toffee choices here, including original, sweet, salty, various fruit flavors, coffee flavors, etc. If you like toffee, here is your best choice.

Alexiz Gomez

Lots of water taffy available

Jessica Al

The taffy selection was awesome! The lady at the counter was kind of cranky but the taffy was worth it!

S. W C

Warms owners

Michael Hraba

A silly rush of nostalgia prior to the rush of sugar. How could anyone not find this place cute and just perfect. There aren’t many candy stores anymore, nor are there Salt Water Taffy spots… but to get it all in huge barrels? That’s sorta fun. Enjoy yourself. Have a treat.

Thiago Albuquerque

Worst salted caramel ever, tasted like butter with salt, could not swallow it. The other candies were not good as well.

Mark Andrew

Great candy store. Owners are super nice.

George Wilson

Favorite stop in Sausalito while strolling downtown.

A’sHat SelfieStick

Not that exciting of a candy store.

Carlie Snyder

Pricey, but good chocolates and fudge. Very cute shop.

M Kitten

Wonderful little gem! The owners are so warm and inviting:))Sam is the best!;) I enjoy stopping in and picking up my favourite chocolates and candies. Prices are good!:)) great place :)))

Colin Gray

One of my favorite taffy shops in a nice location and the taffy is some of the best that I have ever had. The staff are very kind and friendly when you walk in.


business owners stole our company logo and artwork and using it as theirs on their window display… i would assume people that are capable of doing this are also cutting corners on their business. would not trust them.

Muditha Ferdinando

Nice candy place.. Small well laid with many varieties


When the whole town has a power outage you can rely on Munchies to fill your hungry tummy. It has the BEST assortment of Saltwater Taffy I have ever seen. 3 pounds isn’t cheap, but you shouldn’t be eating that much anyway… The owners generously gave us some salted dark chocolate caramels as I filled my bucket o love. Happy halloween y’all. Make sure you try the cinnamon and red licorice flavours.
Look for more @Jamshidilook

Janice A.

Janice writes: Ok, beware. Once your eye catches the “salt water taffy” sign on the window, you know they’ve got you. My friend and I decided it would be fun to waste some time in a candy store after lunch, and I was surprised that I never noticed this store before. I said “sure” (what harm could a little candy store do?). Haha i was so wrong!

We were in there for hours! and it’s tiny too. But there were lots and lots of INTERESTING childhood memory selections, and lots of taffy of course. “Ooooh look at this Erin!” , “Wow, I LOVE these!”, “I remember these!!!”. What started as one shared bag, turned immediately to one for our own, and then we decided to get a bag for someone else too.

In the middle of our discoveries, the lady yelled out, “3.49/HALF pound, samples all free!!” HALLELUJAH! We tried to sample what we could. but it was too much candy, and i had a feeling we would spend more than we had would have wanted too. But an update a week later would tell you that I should have gotten more mango taffies!!!! Darn darn darn…next time don’t be so stingy Janice!

Well as everything, it’s kinda pricey I think: 3 bags for $40. :T I just hope I don’t have cavities and next time, I’ll bring Derek to pay. Hahaha!